Sunday, March 16, 2014

At last there is Sun

So after a few weeks of rain we finally managed to get out and ride in the sun today. Riding the past few weeks has been really hard with the continual rain - the only riding I have done is when there was a gap in the clouds (and there were also a few wet rides). Last weekend I managed my quickest ride at Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve with Jessica on her single speed. She is really strong and gave me carrots on the first hill - yes!! without any gears on her bike. Great ride and one of the best places to train, 57km of safe road with 1200m of climbing in a picturesque game reserve. Click here for my Strava stats of the ride

Today we went out and tried to avoid the mud, this was not really possible judging by the photos below. Guys on the ride with me were Greg, Paul, George, Mike and Renier (for a few kms at the end). Awesome ride which involved a bit of bush-whacking at one stage as the single track was completely overgrown. It was fun adventuring and we had a bit of a disruptive ride as our route had to keep changing because of the terrain we encountered.  I did 79km - click here for Strava stats of this ride.

Muddy road stopping us from going to Irene
Paul and Greg getting their feet wet looking for a way around
Wise old George giving some suggestions
Not so wise George and Renier choosing mud over the route the rest of us chose

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