Sunday, March 29, 2015


It has been a great week of riding, few great early morning rides witnessing some incredible sunrises, coffee ride with my wife and a awesome ride today with Garth. 
My wife Linda on our 33km coffee ride 
Coffee and sunrise at the Mug & Bean
This week I was fortunate to have a new member (Garth) join our MTB group 'Benoni Rough Riders'. Fantastic to meet new people and especially people that are passionate about this wonderful sport of mountain biking. Due to various reasons (most of them sickness related) my fellow Rough Riders pulled out of our Sunday ride, leaving only myself and Garth. We went on a great ride out to the quarry, brick yard, part of the Nissan Irene route and then back via Serengetti. So nice to experience the ride through new eyes, Garth really enjoyed the route and it reminded my of why I love this sport so much - the wide open spaces and the physical exertion whilst enjoying the view. Garth was strong and kept me honest trying to keep up with his younger legs. Here are the Strava stats of our ride. 
Garth admiring the beautiful wide open space
Garth after he watered the Cosmos flowers 

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