Monday, April 6, 2015

and on the third day he rode again...

Nothing better then to have a few great rides over Easter weekend. Good Friday must be changed to Great Friday as it was an incredible ride out from Benoni to Big Red Barn MTB park and back. Nice big strong group, all very nice guys with the same desire and love for mountain biking. The route there and back was fantastic and the track at the Red Barn was amazing. I finished on 108km for this ride, here are my Strava stats. 
The gang at the Big Red Barn
Saturday I had another coffee ride with Linda, I am really enjoying our Saturday coffee rides - we average about 35km a ride and have a stop for a nice coffee/breakfast. Loverly spending time with her.
Linda waiting for the sheep and goats to finish crossing. 
And on the third riding day of the weekend, we had a great group ride out to Sentrarand and then to the Broodblik for coffee and pancakes. Nice big group of about 16. The pace was great and I finally went through Sentrarand which I have heard a lot about over the years. This a large train switching junction with loads of trains and tracks. Unfortunately it was really misty when we went through so the view was a bit dampened. Fast ride with an average of 23.4km/h for the 84km, here are the Strava stats of the ride.  
Broodblik coffee and pancakes
Group photo outside the Broodblik

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