Monday, July 6, 2015

4th of July 2015 - Irene Market ride

I arranged a ride out to Irene Market and back and was presently surprised by the turnout for the ride with a total of 23 people rocking up for this memorable experience. It was really great to see some friends I had not seen/ridden with for sometime like Roy, Mandi, Clint, Kathy, Ashley, Ross, Bevan etc... There were the usual Rough Rider suspects like Becky, Sean, Greg, Michael and Ian that joined us, my mate Pierre from Northcliffe and then some of Ash's mates that are training for Trans Baviaans.  It was a great bunch of people and it was a fantastic ride out to Irene Market - we changed the route slightly from the last time we rode and found a new 'technical' hill just before we hit the market. There were a few falls in the group during the whole ride and fortunately nothing too serious. 

Irene Market is special, there is a nice vibe, great coffee and the best home made muffins that one could ever taste. We went back home a different way (which is always my preferred option) and unfortunately the group split up with the racing snakes not waiting for the second group. This ride is one of my favourite rides and I finished on 102km - click here for the Strava stats of the ride
Group photo after coffee and muffin's at Irene Market 

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