Friday, July 24, 2015

As luck would have it...

I has been an exciting few weeks, I won a fabulous prize from Schwalbe (‏@SchwalbeZA) of 2 MTB tyres just by following them on Twitter and to be the lucky one to be picked as the winner!!!! The arrival of these tyres could not have come at a better time as the next ride after they arrived I slashed my tyre on some glass on our morning ride. Fortunately Wayne had a tube for me so I could put in a gator and the tube and finish the ride in one piece. My bike went in for a well deserved service and I had the components changed and front and rear shocks serviced. This cost more then my car service in the same week, but please don't tell my wife :-) 
My awesome winnings 
I have had a few great rides with my son and he is starting to love this sport and is always eager to go and ride on the weekends. I have entered him in for a 35km Transvaal Galvanisers MTB race in September so we have a goal to work towards to. 
Caiden at the Country Club riding under a peacock
Last weekend we join the Cycle Lab group for a fantastic ride out in south of Boksburg and doing part of the route for the race mentioned above in September. It was really awesome doing a new route for a change after slogging through our normal routes North East of Benoni for many years. There was a floating bridge that added a bit of adrenalin in the middle of the route also. Unfortunately Marco broke his rear derailer during the ride and we could not convert his bike to a single speed as the chain was twisted. We were about 15km away from home and took turns pushing/pulling him (Mark doing the majority of the work). Click here are the Strava stats of the ride... and click here for the Youtube video of the ride curtesy of Hanise. 
Hansie flying over the bridge
Sean breaking Marco's chain in an attempt to make it a single speed...
Marco walking through the ice cold water as his single speed was not working... 

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