Friday, August 14, 2015

Apricot Tree MTB training ride

Once again this year I am riding for a charity during the 94.7 mountain bike and road races that will happen in November. The charity is the Apricot Tree that is an organisation that committed to the stimulation and development of children with intellectual and development disabilities. There are a number of riders that are also riding for the Apricot Tree and a few group rides have been organised by Rebecca Sands. We did a road bike group ride a few weeks ago and last Sunday we did a MTB outride arranged by Athol. It was a great ride with some awesome people. Really nice to do other routes besides what we have been doing out by Dunblane/Serengeti the last few years. 

Group photo taken by Rebecca. 
Sean going over the floating bridge. 

Marc and Jess on their single speed bikes 
Had to walk my bike home after I slashed my rear tyre near the end... 
So I had to throw away my new Racing Ralph tyre after getting a few large cuts during this ride. Fortunately I could get a lift home with Sean and Becky and Sean very kindly took my wheel home and replaced my tyre with a Continental Race King. Awesome stuff thank you Sean!!!!!

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