Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ride with the Master

Ok - the blogging has slowed down -  mainly because I have been out of action with the flu and this is a MTB Blog and I have been riding road bike the past few weeks (eeck).

After a nice ride with Greg before work this week I realised how much I miss the good old mountain bike. Work had us going to the Vaal river for a few days and this was a great opportunity to ride with the MTB Master (Melt)- the man who inspired me to start riding a good year ago.

We got up at 05:30 and hit the road - not knowing where we were going but keen to find some tracks. We had an awesome little adventure finding paths and single track all over the place. Our exploring souls took us to places seldom marked by tyre but it was worth the adventure. We saw lots of mongooses on our ride and even had a buck dash in front of us.We eventually found a nice road next to the river that took us home (after jumping a fense or two).

It was really fantastice to ride with Melt and good to find new routes.

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