Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday 7th September - MTB Ride

Awesome to be back on the MTB again, how I missed it (road riding really sucks - to clarify, because of the cars). This Sunday I met up with Greg, Jacques and Darren (great to have new guys ride with us - at least Greg had someone to keep up with him)

We started off from the gym at Lakefield and made our way out towards Serengetti and the great unspoilt plains of the East Rand.

After almost loosing Darren and Jacques, Greg and me had to wait a few minutes until they found us - gave Greg a chance to do some bike repairs.

We went past Serengetti and then past the Barnhoppers Model Aircraft flying club and did a loop around the sewage pipe hill - I almost took a swim when crossing the river (the line I took was really deep).

After about 50kms we had a break under the trees - ok it was more like a picnic for Jacques and Darren - they pulled out tupperware containers with potatoes, boiled eggs and minute steak. Wow this was a first for me and Greg, but it really works for them.

All in all it was a great ride, legs felt it at the end, almost 70km mainly off road, thanks to the boys for making it memorable.

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