Monday, November 29, 2010

Sunday MTB ride 28th November

After a few days after my horrific close encounter with the tar and my wounds not really healed yet, I needed to go out and get back on my trusty old mountain bike.

This Sunday I was fortunate to be joined by my friend and neighbour Andrew (years of nagging finally paid off). We hitched our bikes and traveled to Dunblane horse estate in Bredell where we parked headed out to the vast open spaces. It was really awesome to be out riding once again, the broken nose hurt a bit when going over rough terrain, but I was in my element so it didn't matter much.

Andrew was strong - those training rides around the suburb really paid off. There was loads of puddles and mud and pretty soon I very dirty (my wife's words of caution echoing in my ears about keeping the stitches clean etc). At one stage of our ride the road was flooded (as seen below) and we decided to walk around through the grass. I didn't see the big DANGER sign and ended up waist deep in a trench - soaked to the bone and Andrew had to pull me out. Here is Andrew below - see he hasn't even started sweating yet:
We ended up doing just under 30kms - which wasn't bad for Andrew's first ride. I was really pleasant to be out in the open again, soaking in the majestic scenery and wildlife that really makes mountain biking such an awesome sport. Hopefully the bug would have bitten Andrew and I will see him out there with us in the future.

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  1. Hey Richie Roo Ratty/lion which one are you?

    What a handsome chap he is...Good to see that helmet on his head. Ands loved his ride. You might just get to ride with him sooner than you thought.

    Lots of love