Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Best month ever!!!

Wow what an incredible month of riding for Jan 2014:
25 Rides, 47 Hours in the saddle and 1001 Kilometers 

Besides the miles that have been put into the cycling bank, I have ridden in different groups, met many new people, had the chance to ride with my wonderful wife and share my passion for cycling.
I also recorded my longest ride and broke a few personal records, so pretty much the best month ever. Life is pretty busy, so my blogging has unfortunately slowed down.
I have had some really great rides before work in the mornings, the Dirty Friday ride is my favorite :- get up at 3:45 to leave home by 04:05, meet group at BP at 04:30 and do 45-50kms of mountain biking. Witnessing fantastic sunrises in the morning really enriches the soul. Weekends I try to do a longer ride, family commitments permitting. Below are a few photos taking from some of the rides:
Plenty stops with my wife for her to take photos of stuff
Great to share the open space thrill with my better half...
and she can handle any technical stuff, riding through a dip without blinking..
Mark and Becky going around a 'Do Not Enter' gate
Odd chap in my way on my final ride for Jan, did 55km early Friday before work to complete 1000km for Jan

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