Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Early morning rides

There have been some fantastic early morning rides in the past week. Besides our normal Tuesday and Thursday routes, we have started doing a longer one on Wednesday early morning before work. With the extra 20mins we find the time to ride up Monument hill in Kempton (on the dirt next to the road) and then race back via Atlas road. This little bit extra will surely help us get fit for our next big event which is the Sani2C.  Awesome to be out there and witness the most incredible sunrises - see pics below.
'Dirty Fridays' is a little earlier where I meet up with another group leaving from the BP at 04:30 - this is a longer ride (I did 50km last Fri), really great way to start the day and get those extra miles under the belt.
Turning left after climbing the Monument drag..

Dirty Friday bunch
Breath taking sunrises

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