Monday, February 28, 2011

Last week in Feb

Interesting week the last week of Feb - the fine balance of riding and healing. I didn't have a big week on the bike as the dog bite is still sore and healing slowly.

Tuesday I took the day off work and took the opportunity to use the present that my two friends Melt and Pierre organised for my birthday i.e. MTB skills clinic with Dylan Victor. The lesson was really an eye opener, Dylan is awesome and really knows his stuff, I definitely came away a much better rider. I learnt all about weight on the bike, posture, taking corners correctly, momentum, climbing, descending etc etc.

I also had a couple of gentle rides with my children this week, as I have entered them in a race next weekend. They got up really early (for them at least), to ride with me - below is a picture of them admiring the sun rise.  
Sunday - I went to Groenkloof in Pretoria to test out my newly acquired MTB skills. It was a fantastic ride and besides the fact I did not fall once, I achieved loads of little milestones in having more confidence in some of the technical bits and also climbing the koppie that I struggled with last year.  I saw plenty of game: 2 kudu bulls, a wildebeest, a herd of impala and I almost rode into a few zebra. I got so close to them I could have touched them.

Who put a Zebra Crossing on a MTB track?

I am ready for the next week and hope to spend more time on the bike (giving all dogs a wide berth).

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